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About Led Channel Letters Signages

The leading source in Hyderabad to purchase LED Channel letters online is Sree ads. LED channel letter sign is a three-dimensional graphic element with an individual structure and separate illumination. In simpler terms, any letter, number, or other character that makes up a sign presentation when paired with other similar characters can be a channel letter. These boards are becoming one of the best resources available for marketing and brand awareness. They represent one of the fastest growing areas of the signage industry. Channel letters are often the best option available to identify a company, whether it’s indoor or outdoor malls or stand-alone shopping centers. Channel letters come in a wide range of types of letters, fonts, patterns, led acrylic letters, led letters of the channel, illuminated signs and 3d led letters, led letter lights, 3d led letters.

Product specifications:

Shape                                                   Rectangle

Lighting Type                                      LED

Usage/Application                                Promotion

Voltage                                                240 V

Body Material                                      Aluminium, Stainless Steel

Country of Origin                                 Made in India

Sign Content                                        Alphabet

Sign Board Type                                              3D

Letter Thickness                                   35 mm

Why Channel Letter Signs?

You want a symbol that will have a powerful effect and a lovely first impression. The sign you choose for your business should also reflect the attitude and atmosphere of your organization, and channel letter signs are a natural choice to create all of these things. Channel letter signs are a sophisticated and popular choice for signs.


  • Greater savings over the life of the sign, as LED requires 5-10 times less power, resulting in lower utilities bills and a reduced carbon footprint
  • Maintenance free and warranty up to 10 years
  • A broader viewing angle which allows a larger area of the letter face to be brightly illuminated  by a single module
  • Use of a lower voltage transformer
  • More durable than neon and have no dangerous gas
  • More brighter and can be seen from farther distances
  • Can be easily controlled by wireless modem and remote control
  • More environmentally friendly than neon so some cities and municipalities are more likely to issue a sign permit for LED

Quality Guaranteed:

You could be worried about the consistency of the LED sign lit by the channel. Maybe you saw a letter sign in the front lit channel where some of the letters are brighter than the others. Or, maybe you’ve found that the signs don’t look at all professional. We do all in-house production and this implies that we place each order through a set of quality controls.


Applications: Business and office boards