3D signs add depth and impact to your display. Custom-made to suit your corporate branding, 3D signs give a professional and high-class look and can be produced for LED internal illumination or edge glow on a building fascia. For reception signs, plain color or brushed metal finish are recommended for a classy corporate look.

3D signs add depth and impact!
Custom made to suit your corporate branding; 3D signs give a professional and high-class look.
3D signs are great for commercial buildings or retail fit-outs. We custom design 3D signs to your individual needs and budget, and have an almost unlimited combination of options to choose from.
Any idea what you want? Have a look at our gallery below, or give It’s Visual a call and we’ll help you out.

Building Fascia Signs
3D building signs can be produced for LED internal illumination or edge glow to stand out at any time of the day or night on your building fascia. 3D components can also be added to a pylon sign to give it an edge. LEDs are available in a range of colors and styles to suit the individual specifications of your sign, including programmable functions. Ask us for more information!

Raised Lettering
Laser or router cut acrylic of 3mm, 6mm, or 10mm can be cut to any shape and layered to give a 3-dimensional look. The acrylic can be painted to match your branding colors, or digitally printed with graphics. Raised lettering is great for use on reception signs, retail counters, showroom walls, restaurants, and more.

Light-boxes are a simple and effective way to advertise our business day and night. Changeable graphics, LED illumination and timers make them a great asset to your business. They can be fabricated to your required size and depth. Translucent face panels slide into a track, allowing for easy maintenance or updating of your graphics at a later stage. Transparent printed graphics or vinyl logos can be applied, with strong even color and illumination.

3D Fabricated Logos
Make your logo 3D! We can transform your logo into a fabricated 3D masterpiece! Logos are custom fabricated to a variety of thicknesses and can be painted or have vinyl or printed graphics applied. These look stunning in reception or on a building fascia. The internal illumination is another option to consider and bright LED illuminated faces or edge glow halos look fantastic.

Reception Signs
Reception signs are the face of your business and can provide a great 1st impression for customers. For reception signs, plain colour-raised lettering or brushed metal finish are recommended for a classy and corporate look, or add an inset to raise your logo or text off the wall even further.

LED Illumination
LED technology is advancing all the time. There’s an LED to suit your needs, from the illumination of a big light-box to slim 3D lettering or programmable LED signs which can play images, text, and even videos. Ask us about LED options for your signage today.

Professional Installation
As well as design and manufacture, we install your signs. Our professional installers can install any sign from reception to building and pylon signs, and use premium hidden fixings so the sleek look of your sign isn’t impacted by ugly screws.